Ex-ante evaluations

Anticipating the potential impacts of an intended activity, programme or policy can help implementers in the planning phases of projects to clarify ideas and tell a compelling story to prospective donors. Developing M&E frameworks early on can support programme implementation from Day 1 and make sure that monitoring data is collected throughout.

When planning an activity or programme, you want to make the most of your resources to achieve the greatest possible impact. Oftentimes it is hard to see the bigger picture and clearly mark the path from idea to impact.

Setting objectives, defining a theory of change and working out an implementation roadmap can help set up structures that allow you to make good use of the available resources. An ex-ante evaluation, or forward looking assessment, is a useful mechanism for planning objectives and preparing the work plan in advance of implementing a programme. Ex-ante evaluations also provide you with the tools for conducting monitoring and evaluation activities later on; facilitating learning from successes and challenges, and bolstering your credibility as a programme planner.

Planning is particularly challenging in programmes implemented with partners, which each have their own distinct visions and motivations. We can assist you in the early stages of your work by facilitating strategic sessions which will develop the conceptual framework and the implementation mechanisms for delivering on your commitments.
ODS provides:

  • Workshops: Objective setting, work planning and theory of change development
  • Monitoring and evaluation frameworks
  • Development of programme theory and logic model
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Cost - benefit analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Organisational development