Toolkits & Facilitation

Sharing & Creating knowledge

In addition to providing advice and direct support, ODS has also developed a range of products and tools which can be offered as a service or as a tool to be used independently of our involvement. These can allow staff, a Board or managers to complement or solidify changes in ways of working, structures or organisational culture after an organisational strengthening process has taken place. The products themselves are thus either part of an organisational strengthening process or as standalone products in the wake of such a process.

The tools include templates for meetings and processes, manuals for projects or teams, trainings and workshop agendas, scans and technological solutions, self-evaluation checklists and surveys, among others.

Furthermore, ODS staff are experienced in facilitating and organising separate processes and meetings, develop and run tailored workshops, draft communications or speeches, or facilitate internal or broader consultation processes. If useful, we are able to use our Organisational Development, M&E and Strategic expertise in our facilitation, thus adding value beyond merely managing a process. 

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